Chainlink Price Goes up to 10% Higher

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Chainlink price goes higher

While the price of BTC has continued to be $13,000, Chainlink (Link) has increased by 10% in the past 24 hours. The coin currently trades for $11.93, which is its highest rate for many weeks. Currently, the altcoin is the leader in the top 10 cryptocurrencies, getting ahead of Bitcoin’s 1.5% gain, Ethereum’s 5% surge, and the 1-3% performances by the other dominant altcoins.

Analysts assume that the coin will go up even higher in the days ahead as fundamentals and technicals regulation after an over 60% decline. There is a high chance Link will follow the rate of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the near future. In the case of the two leading crypto assets grow, probably Link will follow them.

Chainlink continues to expand friction in the DeFi space, connecting its products as crucial for the cryptocurrency environment.

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The protocol has also announced a series of other integrations with leading products within the cryptocurrency space, including many DeFi projects.