China approves Binance listing in the national domain zone

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Cryptocurrency exchange Binance registered a domain name through the government of China.

In April, the Ministry of Industry and Information of China approved the domain name The domain name is registered with Shanghai Bi Nai Shi Information Technology (the name says Binance pronunciation in Chinese).

According to the Chinese crypto website ChainNews, two more companies are registered on Juncy Hye, the only legal representative of Shanghai Bi Nai Shi Information Technology. All three companies have been registered over the past three months and have Binance in Chinese.

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On the site itself, Binance claims to be “the world's leading blockchain developer” and “working on the development and commercialization of blockchain technology.” The services that Binance plans to provide in China include consulting, research and development, charity, and investment in the blockchain industry.

It seems that the website is part of the Binance initiative to create a research institute to implement the blockchain development strategy in China. In March, Binance Academy, a non-profit subsidiary of Binance, announced the opening of an office in Shanghai.

Huobi Exchange runs a similar blockchain as a service campaign in China and is a member of the Blockchain Services Network (BSN). Like Binance Academy, Huobi also runs an educational organization called Huobi University, which has been operating in China for over a year.