Chinese government services use 140 blockchain applications

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Chinese government

According to Chinese media reports, the Beijing government is to publish a newsletter reflecting the use of blockchain tech in government services in China.

According to him, government services are already using 140 apps running on the blockchain. Apps fall into three categories: data interchange, data sharing, and electronic certificate storage.

The official responsible for issuing the newsletter stated:

"Blockchain is a discovery technology for data exchange that would be challenging to implement in common ways. Storing electronic certificates means that they are saved on the blockchain, which increases the reliability and effectiveness of confirmation."

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China's blockchain system for registering real estate affects 11 government sectors, including municipal planning, housing, neighborhood development, tax, and public safety bureaus.

The official said that these departments would work on real estate registration and store relevant info on the blockchain to ensure trust in electronic documents and implement traceability of processes when sharing data.

China is also contemplating using blockchain tech to exchange data between healthcare facilities in the event of a pandemic in the future. However, local governments also face difficulties in implementing blockchain apps, as parties are usually reluctant to share their data.