Craig Wright caught in the provision of fake documents to the court

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Craig Wright and fake documents

The self-proclaimed developer of Bitcoin Craig Wright could provide fake documents during the trial of the case against David Kleiman. Lawyer Stephen Palley pointed this out in his Twitter account.

So, among the documents provided by Wright to the court, there is one, dated October 23, 2012. However, the data of the document indicate that it was created after the death of Kleiman.

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In particular, there are used the rights to the Calibri font from 2015, which means that the file simply could not be created before.

Some users immediately responded to the information with the ironic suggestion that Wright could have created this shift earlier under a pseudonym.

It is worth noting, this is not the first time that Craig Wright is caught in the provision of forged documents. So, earlier he presented a fake correspondence with a dead mathematician in court and was forced to withdraw it.