Craig Wright claims to prove Bitcoin holdings

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Craig Wright

Advocates of Craig Wright have notified the trial session that the accused was given the required private keys to open the encrypted records that contain data about Wright's BTC reserves.

The plaintiff Ira Klaiman has also received the confirmation about Wright's access to BTC holdings. February 3 is the last day when Wright can confirm that he owns the wallets.

January 10 official records indicate that the accused was given counting to the first decision, which would have seen him abandon 500,000 BTCs to the plaintiff.

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Wright proposes that if he shows that he has all the demanded private keys, then his central role in the creation of the primary BTC is going to be established beyond a rational doubt.

Kleiman and Wright were business partners during the days of the crypto coin formulation. Many specialists consider that Kleiman was the ambiguous Satoshi Nakamoto.

But, after Kleiman's death, Wright announced himself an author of the protocol.