Crypto lending startup BlockFi now supports LTC and USDC

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A crypto lending startup company BlockFi

A crypto loaning company BlockFi added Litecoin and USD Coin to its supported assets. It'll allow the users to buy, sell, and get credits backed by the currencies.

Zac Prince, the CEO of this startup said, that during this year, their organization aims to add 5-10 new assets, including LTC and USDC, and is studying the top 20 cryptos by market cap and the dollar-backed stablecoins most thoroughly. The most comprehensive one of these stablecoins is USDC.

The startup also proposes to create a mobile application and increase the capacity to transfer fiat wire in the opening period of 2020. According to its intentions, in Q2 2020, BlockFi is going to present Automated Clearing House payment options. In the next half of the year, the startup is planning to issue a credit card that is going to reward users with BTC bonuses.

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The founder didn't mention a specific organization that will issue the card or the banks that are going to provide ACH opportunities, but it may be one of the financial corporations BlockFi already operates with.