Crypto Supporter Andrew Yang Withdrew From Presidental Race

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Andrew Yong Withdrew From The Presidental Race

Andrew Yang, the democratic candidate of the United States presidential elections and an entrepreneur, withdrew his campaign for running for the presidency.

Yang spoke to his supporters on the matter, telling that it's already clear from the numbers that he's not going to win the race and he's not willing to accept donations and support for a race that will not win.

US presidential elections are still underway. Andrew Yang got only 1% of the votes in IOWA and recently ended his campaign after an equally devastating turnout in the New Hampshire meetings.

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A recent tweet from his official account promised his supporters in the words: "We’ll be back."

Yang, in Nov 2019 met with the cryptocurrency community after he announced his project that is  "literally trying to give everybody money". This idea received anger rather than applause from Bitcoiners.


There has been a recent surge of development in cryptocurrency and blockchain-related patent firms in the USA.

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Just at the start of February, Simba Chain, a blockchain startup stated that the NAVAL AIR WARFARE CENTER, paid nearly $10 million to create a secure blockchain-based messaging program.

Moreover, as China’s central bank digital currency nears completion, the United States of America’s Federal Reserve Board of governors has recently pointed out that the organization is now opening up to the idea of digital currency being run by the government’s machinery, rather than previously when it was absolutely negating it.