Data of 538M Weibo accounts sold on the darknet for BTCs

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The Chinese counterpart to Twitter, Sina Weibo microblogging service, has been hacked. 538 million Weibo users data was sold on telephone numbers for 0.177 BTC.

Private data of users is tied to 172 million numbers, including an identifier, password, gender, geolocation, number of Weibo posts, subscribers, and other data.

Weibo's manager of data protection said the user’s mobile telephone numbers leaked last year. The rest of the information, according to him, the attackers received from other sources on the Internet.

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Telegram has opened a gray market that sells superior data. For a fee in BTC or Ethereum, you can get not only the identification number, email, address, and telephone number of the user but also access to his accounts in online services, messages about online purchases, hotel registrations and more.

For the acquisition of crypto, the agents of the club at Telegram recommend to inherent buyers the LocalBitcoin, Paxful, Huobi, or LocalEthereum platforms.