Dfinity showed a decentralized version of LinkedIn

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LinkedUp decentrelized LinkedIn

The Dfinity blockchain startup showed an open decentralized variant of a social network LinkedIn for finding and establishing business contacts called LinkedUp, The Block reports.

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The application runs on the decentralized “Internet computer” Dfinity. According to the company, it will compete with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure services.

The conducted demonstration of LinkedUp is not a launch, it is designed to show that developers will be able to create open versions of WhatsApp, Facebook, eBay, Salesforce and others on the "Internet computer" platform.

LinkedUp Dfinity

As the startup emphasized, LinkedUp created "an engineer and a half in three weeks."

Dominic Williams, founder and chief researcher of the company, noted that an Internet computer provides tools for openly restoring web services.

So far, the startup has presented a demo version of a decentralized platform. A commercial launch is planned in late 2020.

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Recall that last year, the startup raised $102 million in investments during a closed token sale involving VC Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Polychain Capital, SV Angel, Aspect Ventures and Multicoin Capital. However, it was reported that investors sell project tokens in the secondary market with significant discounts.