Diginex Publishes on NASDAQ

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Diginex is on Nasdaq

A digital monetary assistance and blockchain solutions firm Diginex Limited begins exchanging on NASDAQ.

Officials informed that Diginex Limited will purchase on NASDAQ by the key sign ‘EQOS’ allowing capitalists to take part in the extension of digital currency. This is great news as it's the very first case when the crypto exchanging market appears on NASDAQ.

NASDAQ stock market is the second by marked cap od shares trading following the New York Stock Exchange.

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The significant progress that benefited the NASDAQ integration happened lately when the firm scored $50 M.

The association's CEO Richard Byworth finds the event turning point for Diginex and crypto world. That way, people from the United States can immediately obtain the tokens of a firm inside the crypto environment. He assumes this will unlock the door for business foundations “to be engaged in the massive possibility that digital market provides.” Diginex CEO Chi-Won Yoon suggested that the entry will serve the firm to deliver more clarity and liability to the whole crypto management.