DJ from Germany proclaimed himself the co-founder of Bitcoin

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DJ from Germany proclaimed himself the co-founder of Bitcoin

Crypto enthusiast Kenneth Bosak discovered at a conference the next self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto. This time, the former creator from Germany, Jörg Molt, became the “creator of bitcoin”. Bosak’s Twitter video provoked a violent community reaction and instantly became viral.

Bosak went to Molt at the World Crypto Conference and accused him of lying. In the video, Bosak urged not to believe the “scam”, for which Molt tore off his cap from the streamer.

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Molt himself claims to be the “co-founder of Bitcoin” and the owner of 250 thousand military-technical cooperation.

After the video was posted, Molt’s Twitter profile first became inactive and then allegedly hacked. The oldest record is no more than a day and this is a repost of Bosak's video.

It is known that Molt promotes the so-called "Satoshi School."

Molt has his own YouTube channel with 135 subscribers, where he reviews the news of the cryptocurrency world.

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Community representatives went even further and discovered interesting facts from Molt’s biography. A few years ago he was a DJ and called himself DJ ÖRTL, and then DJ Sunlove.

He also played in the Trio Gnadenlos band and performed at weddings and other events.

Until 2016, Molt, apparently, was in no way connected with the cryptocurrency industry.

Entrepreneur Andreas Antonopoulos also spoke about Molte, who discovered a joint picture with the “co-founder of Bitcoin”. He stressed that he did not know Molt, and all the statements of the latter about involvement in the creation of Bitcoin are false.

Recall, Molt is not the only one who claims to be the creator of BTC. One of Satoshi’s self-proclaimed is nChain’s scandalous research fellow Craig Wright.