DPRK hackers stepped up attacks on BTC companies and traders

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Lazarus steal cryptocurrency

The hacker group Lazarus has stepped up efforts to steal crypto coins against the backdrop of a pandemic, the Daily NK reports citing cybersecurity experts ESTsecurity.

The main targets of cyber attacks are bitcoin traders and crypto companies around the world.

Fraudsters send letters on behalf of companies that provide electronic payment services. They attach malicious files disguised as blockchain software development contracts.

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Lazarus more often attacks BTC exchanges and companies that work with cryptocurrencies, which are difficult to track, than banks, the newspaper notes.

Recall that the group is associated with the authorities of North Korea. The UN Security Council said that the DPRK stole about $2 billion through cyberattacks on crypto еxchanges and banks to further finance programs to create weapons of mass destruction.

It was previously noted hackers have developed malware to steal crypto and personal data from users of the Telegram.

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Recall, that a few days ago Moscow law enforcers verified a theft of 3.4 million rubles ($46.000) under the pretext of trading on the crypto exchange. You can read more about this in our article.