EOS ecosystem is rapidly losing developers

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Over the past year, the number of developers launching EOS-based applications has fallen by about 85%. That is the conclusion reached by researchers from Outlier Ventures.

Recall that Block.One, a key developer of EOS, was able to raise $ 4 billion during the ICO. During its work, its specialists launched about 326 different decentralized services. Besides, just over 500 smart contracts were launched.

However, Ethereum continues to be the most popular platform for developers of blockchain applications (DApps). This network accounts for up to 80% of decentralized products.

EOS accounts for no more than 9% of DApps, researchers say. Developers are massively leaving not only EOS but also the Tron network. The number of creators of applications based on this blockchain has fallen by more than 50%.

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The Bitcoin Cash network is also in a state of crisis; more than 60% of DApps developers have left it.

Note that EOS is also rapidly losing users who regularly make transactions. Analysts from the Dapp.com team drew attention to the fact that the number of active users of EOS-based applications fell by 80%.

Currently, the EOS altcoin is trading at $ 2.58, capitalization has dropped to $ 2.408 billion. The coin is on the verge of departing from the top ten CoinMarketCap, now it is trying to stay on the ninth line of this rating.