EPayments CEO left its position

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The ePayments payment system announced the departure of Mike Rymanov from the post of the company's CEO.

The position of the interim CEO will be taken by the strategic advisor to the Board of Directors Simon Davis, subject to the approval of his candidacy by the UK regulators.

"Simon has a wealth of leadership experience that will help us grow our business and improve customer service," the message says.

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Simon Davis previously served as Chief Executive Officer of the Insurance Division of Guardian Financial Services.

“We continue to work on solving problems to resume work as soon as possible,” the company added. As a reminder, on February 11, 2020, the ePayments payment system suspended its work after the FCA checked its anti-money laundering systems. Since that time, any actions on accounts are not available to users of the service.

In September, the company announced an imminent resumption of work, announcing the refusal to work with cryptocurrencies and changing the terms of the user agreement.