European Bank Bitwala offers deposits in bitcoins at 4.3%

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Bitwala bank Bitcoin

The German online bank Bitwala has added support for deposits in bitcoins with an annual interest rate of up to 4.3%. Payments to customers are made weekly.

The new feature came about through the partnership of Bitwala with the Celsius Network crypto-lending platform. As a result, the company became the first fiat bank to offer payments for the storage of BTC.

You can also buy bitcoins through Bitwala. The minimum deposit is €30. BTC storage fees are not provided. Users can convert their investments into euros at any time.

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Bitwala CEO Ben Jones said that the volume of fiat money cannot be inflated forever, and the bitcoin halving once again reminded about this.

Jones added that now more and more people believe in Bitcoin, and Bitwala gives everyday access to it.

Bitwala serves 80,000 customers in 32 European countries. The company is licensed by the leading German bank SolarisBank AG.