Ex-director of Google is now a member of Square team

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Ex-director of Google is now a member of Square team

Square, which is a payments corporation, has its first member of a new crypto team. And it is Steve Lee, former Google director.

This news was announced by Twitter on June 12. But the company didn’t mention what is going to be the new role of Lee. And they even declined to comment it.

The founder of the bitcoin-friendly Cash app led by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that it was building a new crypto team in March. Dorsey mentioned that all the members of the new team and their job will be connected with something that is important for the crypto community and they’ll not focus on commercial interests.

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After leaving Google in 2015 (where he was working for 8 years), Lee has become a Bitcoin Optech contributor.

In the first quarter of 2019, Square has generated $65,5 million in bitcoin-related revenue. And this is considered to be the highest quarterly volume to date.