Fidelity spoke about the giant potential of Bitcoin

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Fidelity analysts have published a report in which they pointed to the growing importance of bitcoin as a tool for preserving capital.

They even used the term "insurance policy" to denote the role of bitcoin. The largest cryptocurrency acts as a protector of savings in the face of the growing crisis of the global financial system.

The authors of the report emphasized: "Many investors see Bitcoin as a desirable store of value of capital in the sense that it has the potential to do so, but has yet to be widely adopted."

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Among the main advantages of cryptocurrency, researchers from the Fidelity team highlight the limited emission of bitcoin and its decentralized nature. That is an innovative project with long-term and gigantic prospects. The report also speaks of accelerating global inflation. Analysts draw attention to the fact that central banks continue to print money, which accordingly undermines investor interest in such an instrument, as it depreciates.

In parallel, regulators maintain low-interest record rates, which also leads to capital outflow from securities, the yield of which is decreasing. After the halving (reduction of the miners' reward) took place, the value of BTC increased significantly.

Soon it will continue to grow and will have a positive effect on the value of this asset.