Grayscale added 19,879 BTC to its Bitcoin Trust

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Grayscale Bitcoin

Over the past week, Grayscale investment firm acquired 19,879 BTC ($183.3 million), bringing the total amount of bitcoins under management to almost 400,000 BTC ($3.69 billion). This was announced by well-known analyst Kevin Rooke.

For the same period, miners mined only 7,081 BTC ($65.3 million), which is why Grayscale's investment pace outstripped emissions by 280%.

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In total, since the halving on May 11, the company has acquired 53,588 BTC ($494.3 million), while the number of coins mined was 39,544 BTC ($364.8 million).

The analyst added that just yesterday, the Grayscale portfolio was replenished by about 10,000 BTC ($92.2 million). The head of the company Barry Silbert called this day a record in the history of the fund. The total volume of all cryptocurrencies under management exceeded $4.1 billion.

The average daily rate of purchase of bitcoins by the company amounted to 1190 BTC. If Grayscale retains it, by January 2021, its portfolio will contain 3.4% of the available cryptocurrency supply, and by the next halving of 2024 10%.