Grayscale wallets contain 2.3% of all issued bitcoins

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The total amount of assets under the management of the investment company Grayscale has come close to $ 10 billion, and its wallets contain 481,711 BTC, which is about 2.3% of all issued bitcoins.

According to the latest data from the company, it controls $ 9.8 billion.

Grayscale Investments Managing Director Michael Sonnenschein also noted that this week was the largest in terms of investment in cryptocurrency funds of the company during its existence.

On Thursday only, November 12, clients invested more than $ 115 million in the Grayscale bitcoin trust.

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481,711 BTC are concentrated in the company's wallets. To date, a total of 18.538 million BTC have been issued out of a total supply of 21 million coins.

Last week, the value of the assets of the Ethereum trust managed by Grayscale Investments exceeded $ 1B.