Hacker stole BTC renaming YouTube gaming channel to Coinbase

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neebs gaming hacked bitcoin

Last weekend, The YouTube gaming channel Neebs Gaming, with 1.89 million subscribers, was hacked, after which hackers announced the distribution of 10,000 bitcoins from the Coinbase exchange on it.

Hackers renamed the channel to Coinbase Pro and uploaded footage of the old video shot by the exchange’s CEO Brian Armstrong on the AMA in April 2019. In the description of the video, they promised a 10-fold profit to everyone who sends bitcoins to their wallet address.

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Despite the warning from the authors of the original Neebs Gaming channel, over 95,000 people watched the broadcast, and 20 of them transferred money to the attackers. As of February 21, the total production of hackers amounted to 2.465 BTC (a little less than $24,000).

At the moment, the YouTube hosting administration has helped to restore Neebs Gaming control over the channel and removed the fraudulent video.