Hacking attempt against Tesla failed

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The FBI has arrested one of the main criminals trying to hack Tesla for $4 million Bitcoin price

Tesla and FBI managed to prevent an attack against "Gigafactory". Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov, a Russian citizen was arrested in Los Angeles. It was found out that he tried to steal Tesla's corporate data by bribing one of the employees. The employee was promised to receive a Bitcoin payment for installing malware on servers. This was represented as a "special project".

Kriuchkov leading the group of attackers was planning to steal Tesla's intellectual property then demand money for not sharing the information. It seemed like a perfect crime.

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However, the staffer, who remains anonymous told Tesla about the offer he had received. Tesla, in its turn, informed FBI. Afterwards, the employee stayed in touch with the criminals and FBI arranged all the necessary operations to seize them. The time came when Kriuchkov should pay $1 million using Bitcoin. He said he would leave the US afterwards. Little did he know that after the conversation he would be arrested.

Now Kriuchkov in detention pending trial.