Hive Blockchain Buys 6400 Mining Machines from Cannan

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Hive new mining equipment

Open-source cryptocurrency mining firm HIVE purchased 6,400 BTC mining devices from venture capital firm Canaan. Using the instruments will allow Hive's full hashing power to reach 1,229 PH/s (quadrillion 'peta' hashes per second).

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Last year the firm brought only 3500 such machines. The first delivery and implementation will take place in early May and June. During this time, 500 Avalon Miner will reach the company. Afterward, 900 deliveries will be carried out monthly.

Hive is the first publicly listed blockchain infrastructure organization that links blockchain and cryptocurrencies to traditional capital markets. It owns innovative green energy-powered data center establishments in Canada, Sweden, and Iceland, which provide newly minted cryptocurrencies such as BTC and Ether on the cloud.

On January 4 the Vancouver-based company announced doubling its BTC production capacity by acquiring 4,180 MicroBT WhatsMiner M315+, advanced miners. As the company is developing, its market value has gone up to $1 B in early January.