Hive overtakes Steem after Splinterlands app migration

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Splinterlands migrated to Hive

Splinterlands, the largest decentralized app on the Steem blockchain, migrated to the Hive network. This allowed the “rebel” platform to overtake its predecessor for the first time in terms of the number of transactions and the market value of the token.

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The Hive network was formed on March 23 as a result of the hard fork of the Steem platform. It was carried out by network validators who did not agree with the attempt of the head of the Tron Foundation Justin Sun to seize power over the project after purchasing 20% of the STEEM tokens in circulation.

On May 21, Sun organized another hard fork aimed at blocking tokens of participants in the "uprising". It did not work out to implement the plan - an unknown party withdrew almost $6 million in STEEM to a third-party wallet. After that, the head of the Tron Foundation promised to return the funds through the police.

In early June, the largest decentralized application on Steem Splinterlands announced the transition to the Hive. After this, the number of daily active users of the card game reached 4872. A number of users noted an increase in application performance.