In the test network of Binance Chain was held a hardfork for Galileo's activation

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Binance Chain hardfork for Galileo

On June 26 at 07:00 UTC in the Binance Chain test network took place a planned hard fork at block 24.020.000 in order to activate the Galileo update. Upgrade of the main network will take place in a few weeks.

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BNB holders are not required to take any action in connection with the hard fork, unless they receive instructions from exchanges or wallets working with the token.

The updated network provides the possibility of delisting trading pairs with low trading volumes on the Binance DEX exchange. Relevant proposals can be made by validators and are accepted during the voting.

In addition, projects can now block part of their own tokens for a certain period, for example, to secure any assets.

The client implements the function of signing all types of transactions without an active connection to the network. Such transactions can then be transferred to the network using another device.