Interest in Bitcoin will rise after miners' reward decreases

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Interest in Bitcoin will rise after miners' reward decreases

Numerous crypto exchanges expect a rush in interest in bitcoin thanks to the halving (drop in the reward of miners).

A recent statement from the Gemini platform notes that after halving, many people's attitudes toward cryptocurrency will change. They will see that Bitcoin technology is independent of the quantitative easing policy of the US Federal Reserve and other central banks, which systematically include a printing press.

A similar view is shared by OKEx. The director of the financial markets of this trading platform, Lenniks Lai, believes that the reduction in the reward of miners will be perceived by players as a “quantitative tightening” in the cryptocurrency industry.

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The top manager emphasized:

"We anticipate competition among miners to intensify. At the same time, more efficient miners will dominate. We also expect that there will be a surge in demand for financial products focused on the mining industry. Sunny Jane, head of the KyberSwap platform, believes that May Halving will increase demand for BTC, which will also lead to an increase in the price of other digital assets".

The press service of the Bitstamp exchange said that halving would have a tremendous impact on the crypto market in the long term.