Iran finds 1,000 Bitcoin mining computers after a power spike

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Iran finds 1,000 Bitcoin mining computers after a power spike

Iranian governments caught over 1000 mining computers from two former factories. The operation was performed after governments discovered a spike in electricity consumption.

The minister of energy announced that request for electricity grew by 7% in June and it’s considered that Bitcoin mining is the chief reason for this.

One expert said Bitcoin is earning more and more recognition in Iran as a possible means of saving prosperity.

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Arash Navab, an electricity executive, told that these two bitcoin farms have been found because of one-megawatt power consumption. Bitcoin mining has recently increased in different places in Iran. Mahsa Alimardani, a scientist from Oxford Internet Institute, who is from Iran, said that everyone is chatting about getting Bitcoins nowadays. After the US made bans over the nuclear programme, Iran’s finances were hit. After that Iranians started actively discussing the questions of property and wealth and how to store funds. Now there are two common suggestions for this question: Gold and USD.