Iran: president instructs to change national mining strategy

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Iran crypto mining

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gave instructions to the government to develop a new national strategy for crypto mining. This writes the local edition of ArzDigital.

With this message, Rouhani turned to the central bank and ministries. He called on agencies to work out issues of regulating the mining industry and the income from this activity.

Mining in Iran was legalized last summer. To start a farm, you must obtain a license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade. For six months, the authorities issued more than a thousand such permits.

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According to the Cambridge University BTC hash distribution map, those located in Iran provide 4% of the network capacity. This figure has more than doubled since last September.

In early May, authorities issued a license to a Turkish company with 6000 miners. You can read more about this in our article.

The main problem of the industry in Iran remains high tariffs for electricity. Recall that in November last year, the authorities introduced new rules for calculating the cost of electricity for miners.