Iran will pay for exposing illegal mining

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Iran illegal mining

Iranian authorities announced their readiness to pay for information on illegal activities in the extraction of cryptocurrencies, and also spoke about new rules for calculating electricity prices for miners. It is reported by Press TV.

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The fee for identifying miners using subsidized electricity will be 20% of the withdrawn funds in compensation for damage caused to a particular power plant.

According to the Iranian Ministry of Energy, according to the new rules, the extraction of cryptocurrencies outside the national power grid will be banned during peak hours of consumption.

The average fixed price for electricity exports is about $0.08 per kWh. In the cold months, it will drop to $0.04, and in the hot months, it can rise to $0.16.

Recall that in the summer, crypto mining in Iran was recognized as an industrial activity.

At the same moment, the authorities separately emphasized that cryptocoins still cannot be used as a means of payment.