Iranian authorities allowed power plants to mine

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Iranian power plants will be able to mine cryptocurrency, but in this case, they will be left without government subsidies. That was reported by the IRNA news agency earlier this week. It refers to a statement by Mostafa Rajabi Meshadi, deputy head of the Tavanir electricity distribution company.

He told reporters that some power plants in the Islamic Republic would be able to run their mining farms. However, such equipment can only be operated with an appropriate license.

Recall that the Iranian authorities have begun to license companies that mine tokens in the country. At the same time, Tehran stepped up the fight against those miners, who work illegally, that is, they do not have the appropriate permission or steal electricity.

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Mashadi said the state would continue to compensate for the energy costs of industrial and agricultural enterprises in the usual way. At the same time, the official clarified that mining power plants would not be able to qualify for subsidies as long as bitcoin is trading above $ 9,000. If the price of BTC falls, the authorities may reconsider their policy.