Justin Sun admitted that Tron is a shitcoin

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Justin Sun TRON shitcoin

TRON founder Justin Sun, in a conversation with a popular bitcoin podcast maker, Peter McCormack, called his cryptocurrency a shitcoin.

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“Buy my shitcoin,” Sun said.

According to a tweet from Peter McCormack, TRON CEO paid nothing for this interview and did not even lend him a private jet.

Subsequently, in his microblog on Weibo, Justin Sun explained that his words were taken out of context.

“I participated in the Satoshi Roundtable, this is a meeting of cypherpunks and Bitcoin supporters. According to their internal terminology, any coin other than bitcoin is shitcoin. In fact, people in the Bitcoin community are very friendly to Tron and consider it the strongest among shitcoins. It is important to understand the culture of foreign bitcoin communities,” Sun wrote.