Justin Sun: The privacy coin of TRON is on the way

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Tron's privacy coin

The CEO of TRON Justin Sun tweeted that a TRON-based privacy coin will be issued in the nearest future.

Sun proposed users to give name variants to the upcoming asset. There were a lot of various suggestions, like TRON-P, PRON, Privatron, and P-TRX. We are not sure if the founder of TRON will accept any of these names, but one thing is clear: it is going to be proclaimed very soon.

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In December 2019, Justin Sun published that its corporation is going to apply zk-SNARKS and shielded transactions model to conceal sender and receiver information, transaction volumes, and other data. To defend its network, TRON additionally plans to adopt multi-party computation.

Currently, it is not clear if the company is going to attach privacy characteristics to its chief token TRX, or it will issue a new one.

The latest post of Sun revealed the fact that the exchanges have their role too. So, we understood that Poloniex is implicated in the process in some way.