LTC leads BTC: Litecoin gains 65% in price

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Litecoin leads Bitcoin

For the initial period since September 2019, Litecoin came close to the level of $70 this weekend, which spurs rumors about the start of the bull race of Bitcoin.

On February 1, LTC/USD briefly overcame the $70 barrier, saying it had reached local highs of $71.50.

Like numerous other significant altcoins, last month was very prosperous for LTC, which on January 1 was trading for only $43.

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This increase of 65% attracted the attention of traders for one reason. As a famous Twitter user Loma remarked on Saturday, Litecoin showed similar results last March.

After growing the rate in 4 weeks, LTC lost the pace to BTC, which launched a three-month bull race, finishing in a 19-month record of $13,800.

By analyzing current situations, Loma and others see the potential for recreating the previous model.

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"Bitcoin is leading Litecoin," crypto-investor Michael Flaum believes. "Litecoin grew by 5.8%. I don’t know why, but this is a general trend. BTC for $10000 is very possible."

Talking about Bitcoin, the forecasts regarding it are quite optimistic.