Max Keiser urges US protesters to buy bitcoins

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Max Keiser

Popular TV presenter Max Keiser continues to talk about the tremendous potential of Bitcoin. He previously repeatedly pointed to the strengths of cryptocurrency and predicted an increase in its value.

This week, a presenter on the Keiser Report analyzed the political situation in the United States and explained how BTC can help African Americans gain independence. He stressed that the protests in the country will not be able to lead to any effective results. If you want to get freedom, then buy bitcoins.

According to Keiser, the African American population will never be able to achieve equality with white US citizens.

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He emphasized: "The only thing they can hope for is individual sovereignty. The only way to get it is to purchase bitcoin. The main advantage of cryptocurrency is the fact that it is not controlled by the central bank. Bitcoin allows you to get real financial freedom."

The protests, which are representatives of the black population of the United States, are doomed to failure. Participants in the uprising need to think about economic independence, which the only cryptocurrency can provide, the television host concluded.