Media accused Justin Sun of distribution of illegal pornography: the lunch with Warren Buffett is postponed

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Media accused Justin Sun of illegal pornography

The Tron Foundation reported on transferring the lunch of Bittorrent owner Justin Sun and legendary investor Warren Buffett by agreement of the parties. So, the meeting was to be held on July 25, but there were found kidney stones in Sun's organism. The new date is still unknown.

However, shortly thereafter, the Chinese edition of 21st Century Business Herald accused Justin Sun of illegally attracting investments from Chinese residents, giving them the opportunity to use gambling services on the TRON blockchain. It also stated that there was recorded a distribution of illegal pornography on the Peiwo social network, in the development of which the Bittorrent owner is involved. According to the publication, Sun cannot leave the territory of the PRC, but the creator of TRON himself has already denied all the accusations through the Chinese microblogging network Weibo.

Update: Chinese media continue to report that Justin San is under investigation and cannot leave the country (China).

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Update: Representatives of the TRON project told ForkLog russian media that Sun is in San Francisco now and is being treated.