Media: parcels with explosives and ransom in bitcoins

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Parcels containing explosives and a ransom note in bitcoins have been revealed at post offices in several cities in the Netherlands, according to The New York Times.

NYT writes that after a postal worker in an Amsterdam office heard an unusual hissing sound in one of the sorted packages on Wednesday morning, he dropped it. Moments later, the package exploded.

In less than an hour, a second explosion occurred in the sorting department of a postal company in the city of Kerkrade, police said.

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According to preliminary information, no one was hurt according to law enforcement authorities, the explosions were of low power and could not cause serious injuries. It is also known that the sender inserted letters demanding a ransom in bitcoins to prevent future attacks.

“These incidents are related because both cases had the same requirement,” said Amsterdam police spokeswoman Lex van Liebergen. “However, we still have not set the sender. The investigation is ongoing". She added that the amount claimed remains confidential, as disclosing information could harm the investigation.

Recall that in November and December an unknown threatened to blow up buildings in St. Petersburg. He demanded the return of 120 BTC stolen from the Wex cryptocurrency exchange.