Microsoft Azure developers will receive tokenized badgers

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Microsoft Azure token

Microsoft has launched the Ethereum blockchain recognition program. Now, developers who are actively contributing to the development of the Azure cloud platform will be awarded Azure Heroes tokenized badgers.

Digital badgers are non-interchangeable tokens with limited emission. They will be divided into several categories:

  • unifying leader 100 pieces;
  • content hero 250 pieces;
  • community hero 550 pieces;
  • mentor 800 pieces;
  • creator 10,000 pieces.

Microsoft announces that Azure community members will be rewarded for verifiable activities such as development of training materials, demos, writing code, blogging about it, or completing specific tasks.

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Developers whose contribution will be considered significant will receive a unique QR code with a digital award tied to it. Initially, such a reward system will be available to a limited number of countries in Western Europe.

As part of the program, the company entered into a partnership with the wallet from the Enjin gaming ecosystem, which will provide storage of tokens. Amid this news, the Enjin Coin rate has grown by more than 60%.