Mikri Zhang claims Jihan Wu's illegal transfer of 10K miners

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In the conflict for power at Bitmain, the physical theft of mining equipment has now appeared.

In a new post on Bitmain's WeChat channel, former Bitmain employees illegally took out 10,000 Antminer bitcoin miners from one of the company's divisions.

Reportedly, the S17, T17, S9 series models were taken out in mid-July and led the firm to tremendous losses. The incident was reported to the police and public security agencies.

It turned out that this is not only Bitmain's equipment but also something that customers who would like the equipment they paid for were not received enough to be in operation.

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In a message via Bitmain's Weibo account, Mikri's co-founder Ketuan Zhang accused Jihan Wu of being responsible for the illegal transfer of machines.

All this is happening against the backdrop of a power struggle between Wu and Zhang.

Last October, Wu removed Zhang from senior positions in the company, which was eventually seen by the latter as an illegal takeover of power.

Bitmain's CFO was imprisoned in May for allegedly attacking Zhang for trying to reacquire control of one of the company's Chinese divisions.

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In June, there were reports that Zhang had hired security guards to regain control of Bitmain's Beijing office. He also took steps to regain control of the company in court.

Jihan Wu currently retains formal authority at Bitmain's Hong Kong division. He previously confirmed that Mikri Zhang was expelled from the company back in October 2019. Zhang is still trying to regain control of the company in mainland China.