Miner burned eight apartments in Russia

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miner burned Russia

The investigation was completed on the case of a miner from the city of Artyom in the Primorsky Territory, due to which in 2018 a fire broke out in an apartment building. This is reported by RT.

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The man installed a cryptocurrency mining farm in the attic of a multi-story building, connecting at least 15 power supplies to it.

After hours of the farm operation, a short circuit occurred, which led to the fire.

As a result, eight apartments were completely burned down, another forty were seriously damaged. One person was hospitalized due to complications from inhaling carbon monoxide.

The damage from the fire amounted to 53 million rubles ($832.100).

The case of “destruction of property by negligence” is referred to court.

2018 was rich in similar events. In January, bitcoin miners from Kemerovo flooded their neighbors. The townspeople opened a window to ventilate a room heated by mining equipment, however, due to severe frost, part of the battery in the room froze and it burst.