Monero has updated the max after activating the Oxygen fork

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On October 17, the Monero (XMR) developers reported on the successful network upgrade of the project. Fork Oxygen Orion was announced back in September this year.

The team said in a statement that the updated version of the network would become more productive. It will integrate tools that increase the anonymity of transactions. A key element of the fork is the compact linkable spontaneous anonymous group (CLSAG) feature.

The Monero blog notes that with this option, the transaction processing speed has increased by 10%. Moreover, the acceleration of operations did not affect their confidentiality in any way.

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The developers emphasized: "CLSAG allows for smaller and faster transactions with maximum security."

Holders of altcoin XMR have been warned of the upcoming fork. Besides, the developers urged the owners of hardware wallets to update the software to its latest version.

The Monero cryptocurrency has responded positively to the activation of the Oxygen Orion. The coin began to rise in price at the beginning of October.