New York can become a hub for bitcoin

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New York

If Andrew Young wins the mayoral elections in New York, he promises to make this metropolis a platform for the massive use of bitcoin within the city. The politician wrote about this on Twitter.

Recall that Young is on the list of ardent supporters of the largest digital currency. During the last election campaign, he tried to nominate his candidate from the Democratic Party.

However, Young subsequently dropped out of the race. He is known for having previously repeatedly pointed out the need for the early implementation of crypto regulation.

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Now Andrew Young will try to become the head of one of the largest American cities. On his Twitter page, the politician stressed that he wants to make a kind of hub for Bitcoin from New York.

At the same time, Young did not specify exactly what measures to stimulate the growth in the use of BTC in question.

The chances of Young being nominated for the Democratic Party are good enough. According to the latest data from The Block, the politician is in the lead in the polls for the primaries, according to the results of which the final candidate will be selected.