Novogratz says economic support measures reinforce bitcoin

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On CNBC, Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz once again spoke about the tremendous potential of Bitcoin.

He also stressed that the US authorities need to accelerate the creation of a digital version of the dollar.

Novogratz cited China as an example, which has already achieved exceptional results in the development of digital currency (CBDC). Only a billionaire believes that the digital version of the US dollar will be a decentralized instrument.

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Touching on the topic of bitcoin prospects, Novogratz predicted that very shortly we will see how BTC will break above $ 10,000.

If the coin overcomes resistance at this level, then taking the $ 14,000 mark is just around the corner. After taking this milestone, Bitcoin will be required to repeat the race three years ago and exceed $ 20,000.

Novogratz made similar statements earlier. He periodically drew attention to the financial policies of states that inject fiat money into the economy, which increases inflation. As a result, the attractiveness of alternative tools increases. Bitcoin will benefit from this trend.

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The billionaire also pointed out the great importance of the institutional adoption of cryptocurrency. The transition of major players to BTC will ensure the strengthening of the coin over the next 24 months.