Number of active bitcoin addresses has reached a new high

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Since the beginning of January 2021, against the background of the rapid growth in the value of bitcoin to a new maximum, the number of addresses on the network making daily transactions has increased.

A report from the LongHash team says that since BTC surpassed $ 37,000, network activity has hit a record.

For example, only on January 6, transactions were made by 1.34 million wallets. Thus, the record was broken on December 14, 2017, when the number of active addresses was about 1.29 million, the researchers stressed.

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At the moment, bitcoin is trading just below $ 38,000. The coin could not hold above $ 42000, although it still has a chance of reaching the $50000 mark, according to a January note to investors prepared by Bloomberg.

More and more investors are showing interest in cryptocurrency. According to Glassnode, the accumulation of BTC has continued over the past several months.

The most active are large investors, who are often called "whales". The number of bitcoin addresses containing at least a thousand coins renewed their maximum on January 10, 2021, reaching 2401, analysts noted.