Number of blockchain vacancies has grown by 26% since 2018

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According to a study by Indeed's employment service, the number of job postings in the bitcoin and blockchain industry has grown by 26% since 2018.

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Indeed claims that over the past four years, the share of such ads in the total mass has grown by 1457%. On the other hand, over the same period, the number of relevant search queries fell by 53%.

Senior and full-stack programmers versed in dApps and smart contracts are most in-demand, as well as software architects and front-end developers.

Most often, job seekers require knowledge of the basics of cryptography, p2p networks, and the languages ​​C ++, Java, Python, or JavaScript. Knowledge of Hyperledger and Ripple technologies, Script, Solidity and rholang languages is also appreciated.

Below are the top 15 employers for blockchain professionals.

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