One more TV host believes that interest in bitcoin will grow

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Of the popular TV presenters, not only Max Keiser is interested in bitcoin.

There are at least two leading news outlets on CNBC that believe cryptocurrency has tremendous potential. That is Joe Kernen and Jim Kramer.

The first one said last year that the May halving of bitcoin (reduction of the miners' reward) would have an enormous impact on the development of the entire cryptocurrency industry. According to Kernen, BTC after the halving could skyrocket to $55,000.

Jim Kramer, a host of Mad Money, believes we are in a generational change.

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He declared: "I think that my children, when they receive an inheritance, will not be able to feel comfortable with gold, and they will be satisfied with cryptocurrency."

Kramer expressed his point of view in an interview with Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano. Now it is better to store capital both in gold and bitcoin it will be safer this way.

Against the backdrop of economic uncertainty, these assets will be the safest for investors. In the future, bitcoin will take the place of the best and most convenient tool, the TV presenter added. Jim Kramer himself recently admitted that he invested 1% of his savings in cryptocurrency.