Opera is the first to add decentralized domain's support

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Opera browser

Users of Opera will now have access to decentralized network resources as the browser began working with the Unstoppable Domains startup.

As a result of the collaboration, the platform integrated the .crypto domain extension provided by the startup. That allows you to browse sites with decentralized domains in the Android version of the app, as well as make crypto transactions.

“This is the initial time when an influential browser has included support for domains that are not part of the DNS,” Unstoppable Domains said.

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According to the startup, owners store these domains, not registrars. The sites are located in peer-to-peer networks, not in cloud services. That allows you to conduct transactions without intermediaries and bypass censorship.

However, Unstoppable Domains recognizes that countries that impose restrictions on the Internet may block access to decentralized web resources. As with regular sites, you can open them in such a situation using a VPN or other similar solutions.

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