P2P merchant program of Binance goes live

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Binance P2P platform

Binance's P2P Merchant program is live now. The platform is used for fiat-crypto speculation and is user-oriented.

On January 21, Changpeng Zhao mentioned that, in the preceding quarter, the negotiating volume on the platform has drastically increased, and the global society is looking for more fiat-to-crypto options. The CEO of Binance said their platform is looking for trustworthy merchants.

In the prior month, the negotiating volume of Binance raised over 30%. This organization has the hugest average traffic per month, with an upper 18 million users.

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This program is available on iOS and Android, and it allows merchants to receive funds when they post fiat currency trading ads. Binance supports all the users, and what's more, takes no fees for transactions.

Basically started in October last year, this platform attached a long-awaited merchant program yesterday. It applies the "Elimination mechanism" to manage the quality of UX.