PlusToken pyramid withdrew $67 million in EOS

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PlusToken EOS

A few hours ago, 26 316 340 EOS ($67.1 million) were transferred from the wallet of the PlusToken crypto pyramid to an anonymous address. The transaction was noticed by the analytical service Clank.

According to the EOSX block explorer, a recipient account named jnhgvbkkfdjf was created a few minutes before the transaction. At the moment, the funds remain in the wallet, there were no other operations with it.

According to Chainalysis analysts, PlusToken has a negative effect on BTC and the entire cryptocurrency industry. In March, the pyramid organizers allegedly transferred about 11,000 Bitcoins to mixers. A few days later, OXT Research, an analytics company, reported that PlusToken owned 37,725 BTCs hung on similar services.