PornVisory introduces reward token for viewing adult content

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PornVisory token PVY

The creators of the adult platform PornVisory plan to introduce native PVY tokens, which will be charged to viewers for watching the content, reports Cointelegraph.

The founder of the project, Veronica Noschese, believes that there is a natural synergy between cryptocurrencies and the “18+ industry”, as the latter “desperately” needs anonymous payment methods.

As an example, Noschese cited the forced transition of a key player in this field of PornHub from PayPal to Verge cryptocurrency after the payment giant blocked the resource. Earlier this year, Pornhub added USDT as a means of payment.

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An example to follow was the Basic Attention Token (BAT), used in the Brave Internet browser. Users receive BAT tokens for viewing blocked ads by default. They intend to do the same in PornVisory, allocating PVY tokens for similar actions.

According to Noschese, the resource does not plan to conduct an ICO but instead will make an airdrop. The company has been developing all this time at the expense of the founders but plans to attract angel investors as the platform grows in popularity.