Positive Bitcoin tweets hit six-month high

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The number of positive posts about Bitcoin has skyrocketed on Twitter.

Even the recent drop in the value of the largest digital currency could not provoke a surge of negative emotions among users of the social network. The number of positive reviews for BTC has reached its highest level in the past six months.

A similar situation was observed in May 2020. Then the surge in activity was caused by the so-called halving (reduction of the miners' reward for mining a block).

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Twitter users in May believed that halving would force BTC to refresh the maximum. The coin will be able to make a historic breakthrough just a couple of months after the March collapse, which went down in the history of the cryptosphere as "Black Thursday".

Since 2017, the Santiment team has counted four such ups in the activity of people interested in the cryptocurrency market.

In parallel, analysts drew attention to the continuing growth in the number of bitcoin addresses making transactions daily. According to YellowBlock, there are now just over 1 million active wallets on the BTC network. The previous maximum was observed in December 2017 (1.2 million).