Qatari Billionaire sues Facebook over cryptocurrency scam

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Wissam Al Mana sued facebook

Qatari billionaire and former husband of famous American singer Janet Jackson Wissam Al Mana sued Facebook, accusing the social network of not responding in time to advertising a fraudulent cryptocurrency project using his photo. About it writes The Times.

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The lawsuit was filed with the Dublin High Court last week. According to documents, Facebook is accused of damaging the reputation of a billionaire, malicious fraud and misleading advertising.

The charge is based on the fact that Wissam Al Mana’s photo was used in advertising an unnamed project, which, according to the billionaire and his lawyers, is a fraudulent scheme using cryptocurrencies.

As noted, Al Mana, although previously married to American pop star Janet Jackson, rarely appears in public and does not have social media accounts.

This, in turn, makes him vulnerable to scammers, since the billionaire does not have the opportunity to publicly respond to their actions.